Patricia Carroll

I am a designer and picture framer here at Vistra Framing and Gallery. My life time love of art and anything creative has led me through college art classes at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, State University of New York at Purchase, University of Iowa, and a variety of structured and unstructured art experiences. I have made my living as a framer, box maker, seem stress, bookkeeper, and very part time artist.
In 2014 at the encouragement of my employer Diane Lewis I began to “do my art” again. I picked up with my box making and made beautiful hand constructed multi-use vessels. But in my heart, I knew I wanted to paint. I remember Diane saying “so paint”.
In December 2016 I transitioned. I took materials from my box making and made collage pieces on blocks. It was a blast. Since then I have leaped into acrylics and pastels. Every new medium is a totally different experience.
My work is landscape by nature, even my collage. Very few of my pieces are actual places. I find it more enjoyable to just get lost in the scenery as I paint. It is a joy.  


"Summer Field" 

     24 x 18  $650


The Compliment

     19 x 23   $850


Feelings of Blue and Orange

         16 x 20        $650


Twilight Lake

 18 x 24   $650

"Summer Storm"

   36 x 36   $1200

"Drifts of Camus"             36 x 36   Sold