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Diane Lewis - Landscapes

Diane Lewis lives in Eugene Oregon and is an owner
of Vistra Framing & Gallery. She took 15 years off
from working full time to pursue her art and take care of
her adult handicapped daughter. Currently she is back to
keeping regular hours at Vistra and works on her art as much as she can.
Throughout her life, Diane has always loved art and has
always thought of herself as an artist. As a child she
spent many hours drawing and painting. She started with
Disney characters, then using watercolors to painting
flowers. While in high school art classes, she found using
oil paint very fun and inspiring. Now, she uses oil,
pastels and acrylic as her favorite mediums. When she thinks
of a subject to paint she says, “It just seems natural to pick
one over the other for that piece, I cannot really say why. I
really enjoy using all 3 media, and find I continually learn
things about all of them”.
Diane is mostly self-taught. She has taken classes from
Tom Browning, Kevin MacPherson and Matt Smith. She
is inspired by John Carlson, John Singer Sargent, Richard
Schmid and David Laffel. Also, after spending 12 years
going out and painting in Plein Aire, it gave her a clear
understanding of the outdoors and how to paint light and
atmosphere.  living in Oregon and being around all the
rivers, gives her a lot of inspiration. She finds painting
water the most interesting, and is always drawn to that
type of scenery for inspiration. During Oregon’s rainy
seasons, she has had time to devote to still-life and animal paintings. Although it is a very different type of subject, she
finds it nice to switch back and forth.
She is currently exhibiting in the Attic Gallery in Camas Washington and Vistra Framing & Gallery, at 411 West 4th in Eugene, Oregon.

Rogue River 30 X 30.jpg

"Rogue River"  Pastel 29 x 29    $1800

Diane River Rocks 16 3-8 X 10.jpg

"River Rocks"  Pastel  9.5 x 16   $450

McKenzie Boat Landing 23 7-16 X 11 1-4.j

"McKenzie River Boat Landing"  Oil -11 x 23   $650

My Favorite Place 24 X 12.jpg

"Lunch Spot Beside The River"  12 x 24 pastel  $700

cascading falls_edited.JPG

"Rapids at Sahalie Falls ,Or" Pastel   18 x 13   $650

shallee falls3_edited.JPG

"Log Jam at Sahalie Falls, Or" Pastel  17.5 x 13   $650

shalee falls1_edited.JPG

"Small Pool at Sahalie Falls, Oregon " 18 x 13 Pastel   $650

DL-Fishing Hole on the McKenzie v3 FINAL

"Best Fishing Spot", McKenzie River,  Gilcee Prints            available - 21.5 x 18 $95. and 16 x 13  $75.

umpqua river cliffs web.jpg

"North Umpqua River, Oregon"  15 x 12 Pastel   $550.

DL-North Umpqua FINAL WEB v3.jpg 2014-3-

"North Umpqua River "-  Limited edition Gilcee prints available   24 x 20 $125 and 18 x 14  $85 edition size 50

Day Trip To The McKenzie 16 X 12.jpg

"Day Trip to The McKenzie River"  12 x 16 Oil $455.


"Listen For The Wind"  23 x 12  Pastel $400

Spring Morning 16 X 20 Web Size.jpg

"Spring Morning"  15 x 19 - Pastel $600

Edited Image 2015-2-2-14:3:37

"Oregon Fields" 11 x 14  $180. Oil

Edited Image 2014-12-4-15:44:25

"Morning at The Marsh"   Sold

Oregon Coast 14 X 18.jpg

"Oregon Coast"  17 x 13 Pastel $650

ore coast_edited.JPG

"Oregon Coast Sunset" Pastel  Sold

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