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Vintage Photos & Items

This was taken from a 2" x 3 "old black & white photo. We enlarged it to an 6" x 8" and added color to the car. Then framed and matted it with a vintage picture frame and decorative special cut mat. Giving it special effects for a life time of enjoyment and a perfect  piece for future generations.

This shadowbox picture frame holds an original painting and a rare gun with a plaque.

This old photo is accented with decorative vintage line work on the mat and a complementary period picture frame

This plate is a collectable piece mounted on  a color mat with a small wood frame inside the mat (fillet) and framed with a outer frame and using a vintage inner frame

The picture frame is from one of our special collections of very unique designs

An antique cap gun with the picture of its owner shown off with another of our special collections of picture frames

This is an antique tunic in a simple shadowbox picture frame

This is a camel collar brought back from a travelers vacation

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