Printing Your Art or Photos
Vistra Offers Printing Of Your Pictures as Giclee and Fine Art Images

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  Vistra Framing & Gallery Offers Printing of Your Pictures as Giclee & Fine Art Images



Our 44 inch Epson 10,000 printer is the latest pigment ink fine art printing machine. No printer has a higher quality rating. The 10,000 uses 10 ink colors and 5 blacks and grey to achieve extremely high dynamic- range, rich color and color matching. With their 200 year inks we can give you printing that will last a lifetime.  


We offer a wide selection of archival and photo papers or canvases. We can create a digital file of your artwork using our scanner or camera, or work with your digital photos or files. We have printed some amazing pictures that were photographed with average consumer cameras and phone cameras. Come in with your files and we can show you the possibilities. This is great ways to get a personalized show piece for your home or office.


If you chose to have your pictures printed on canvas you have a choice of 5 stretcher bars depths. They can be displayed in a frame or without a frame in a gallery wrap presentation.



                                                                  Guide for Printing


Starting the Process- In order to make a giclee print (pronounced zhee-clay) you start with a digital file. A "tiff" file with a dpi (dots per inch) of 200 to 300 is preferred. Example: cell phone files are normally 72 dpi and are fine for smaller prints.


Sizing a print- Original files don't always come in standard sizes. To establish a print size chose a desired width or height, the ratio will dictate what the other measurements will be. If you want your image a specific size and the file is a different size some cropping of the image may be necessary. If this is the case we will crop your image using our best judgment unless you'd like to give us explicit  instructions.


Media compatibility- Original art comes in all forms. Printing a reproduction can have a different outcome than the original especially when certain mediums are used. If you have used a specialized medium such as black light paint, metallic leafing, textiles, pearl or metallic media, and thick textures, it can difficult to reproduce those effects to have the same look with inkjet printing. We recommend you get a proof of the image prior to ordering.


We offer many options-  Canvas, fine art papers and photographic papers including metallic. Ask to see our samples.


When printing on paper- Once you have chosen a paper you need to decide the image size and how much white boarder you want around the image, this is referred to as 'paper size'.


When printing on canvas- If you want your canvas stretched on a stretcher bar you must decide what depth of bar, what kind of wrapping, edge color and laminate you want. 


Stretcher bar size options: 5/8" depth is a good option if you want to add a frame.


Wrapping- If you do not want to frame your canvas you can have the canvas wrapped around the stretcher bars and stapled on the back of the bars ("back stapled"). This is called a "Gallery Wrap". Depth of bars available are

1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2", and 2".


Edging- If you opt for a gallery wrap you need to decide what the sides of your stretcher bar will look like. You can choose a color or have a mirror image of your canvas printed on the side. Ask to see some examples.


Laminating- We highly recommend laminating your canvas with a protective coating to resist scratching. We have a matte or satin laminate.

Epson 10,000 Printer

        Pricing for Printing     For Image Capture See                                         

We print on nine different papers or canvas. The chart below shows the pricing for our most popular papers. Sizes can go up to 43" width by as long as you want to go. We will print any size, not just the sizes listed.


The canvas chart below has two rows. The first line is for the canvas and printing only. The second line is for the printed canvas plus protective laminate and professional canvas stretching on wood bars. There are many bars to choose from but the four most common sizes are 5/8", 1", 1 1/2" and 2". The price examples here are for gallery wraps (staples on the back) on 1" bars. There is price breaks for volume printing on papers.


See   for exact pricing


Paper:    Just a Few of the Paper Options Available

                                              8 x 10        11 x 14        12 x 16         16 x 20          20 x 24           24 x 36              30 x 40                 40 x 60


Archival " Watercolor"            $11.44        $16.47         $19.06          $32.11          $38.64            $64.75               $87.60                  $169.20



Archival smooth                    $12.16         $17.86         $20.78          $35.57          $42.96           $72.53               $98.40                $190.80

Fine Art Paper


Photo Luster                         $10.32          $14.32        $16.37          $26.74          $31.92            $52.66               $70.80                $135.60








Canvas  Printing                   $17.31           $25.07       $28.97           $41.75          $57.41           $94.49               $126.30              $239.03


Canvas printed,                    $50.15          $66.19        $74.83          $96.66          $123.01          $184.77              $228.55             $394.27 

Stretched &



Contact Us:  541-343-2353

We can scan or photograph an original photo or painting. Old photos or originals can be made to like new again. Our Photoshop artist can repair cracks, tears, fading or most other damage. We can take a look and give you an idea of the time that it will take and give an estimate.


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