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Unique Projects - Picture Framing
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Kids Cardboard Mask

1 PAC 10.jpg

This shadowbox has many interesting aspects about it. The upper picture has a wooden silver frame and extra mat strips as accents, and it is raised to the top. The bottom window has a small picture frame inside framing the signed picture. The outer frame is 2 frames stacked to give it a unique look and a frame for enough depth.

This is an invitation to an opera from the 1800"s. There is a double suede mat using a unique cut as the top 2 mats. The next 2 mats have round corners and the invitation is floated  on a green mat. The design of the frame is of the same era.

This photo was printed on to a transparent paper and layer over a sheet of music. We did calligraphy on the top mat to personalize the memory.

This acrylic box houses a 3 sided invitation.  It is setting into a double frame, the outer frame is inlaid with mother-of-pearl.

This original drawing has a black mat and a picture frame from one of our unique collections. It is a curly maple with inlaid black "keys" and has a shinny lacquer finish.

This shadowbox is full of memorabilia from a family vacation to Disneyland. Framed with a stack of 2 frames and a yellow fillet on the inside


This group of shadowbox picture frames house a collect of child's clay art projects. What a fun group of memorabilia  for Mom to cherish.

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